Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012

Sydney LEP 2012 applies to most of the local area.


Digital copy

The NSW legislation website has a copy of Sydney LEP 2012 and the maps adopted by this plan.

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Associated documents

These documents are referred to in the Sydney LEP 2012.

Competitive design policyPDF · 820.37 KB · Last modified

Sets out how an applicant must demonstrate that a proposed development is the result of an architectural or competitive design process.

Find your Sydney LEP 2012 map sheet number

The LEP maps are divided into 24 sheets. Use this map to identify the map sheet that will show the property or area you’re interested in. The sheet number is the same for each type of map, whether it’s the height of buildings, floor space ratio, heritage or other type.

View map in new window.

After you identify the map sheet number, go to the NSW Legislation website to view the list of maps.

View maps

The map sheet number is shown in the ‘Map types’ and ‘Map sheets (identification numbers)’ columns, as shown in the image below. Click the map sheet title to open the map.

A screen snip of the NSW legislation website showing how maps are presented.

We have produced this map finder to help find the maps and is a guide only. The LEP and its maps are published on the NSW Legislation website. You should check you are referring to the correct map based on the information on that website.

If you have any questions about the LEP or the maps you can contact one of our planning officers on 9265 9333.