Local environmental plans

Planning instruments that apply to the local area.

View from a top floor to other apartment buildings alongside Sydney harbour, an arm of which is crossed by the Anzac Bridge.

The local environmental plans below apply to development in our area.

You can use our interactive map to get a snapshot of the LEPs and key planning controls that relate to your site.

Review the relevant LEPs to get a complete understanding of the requirements for both your site and proposed development.

Planning instruments

These planning instruments apply to development in our area:

Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 refers to these documents:

Sydney LEP 2005

The plan continues to apply to Frasers Broadway, the former Carlton and United Breweries site. For a limited time you can download the superseded provisions for information only.

Repealed local environmental plans

These plans have been superseded by Sydney LEP 2012:

  • Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan 2000
  • Leichhardt Interim Development Order 27.