Development guidelines & policies

Additional information and guidance to the controls contained within local environmental plans and development control plans.

People sit around a low water feature in a city square with a large building in the background.

Repealed policies

These policies were repealed by the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012. 

For a limited time the repealed policies are available to download below for informational purposes only.

Awnings policy (repealed)PDF · 676.17 KB · Last modified
Exterior lighting strategy (repealed)PDF · 847.39 KB · Last modified
Laneway management policy (repealed)PDF · 878.45 KB · Last modified
Pavement design and construction guidelines (repealed)PDF · 908.4 KB · Last modified
Paving design policy (repealed)PDF · 3.58 MB · Last modified
Street numbers/premises display policy (repealed)PDF · 163.56 KB · Last modified
Temporary shelter guidelines (repealed)PDF · 777.43 KB · Last modified
Terrace alterations and additions guidelines (repealed)PDF · 1.11 MB · Last modified
Trading hours for new and existing premises (repealed)PDF · 194.75 KB · Last modified
Warehouse/courtyard complex management policy (repealed)PDF · 3.6 MB · Last modified