Guidelines for hoardings and scaffolding



Temporary structures, such as hoardings and scaffolding, are important for construction and maintenance projects.

  • Hoardings are commonly used to create a barrier between the worksite and the public for safety purposes.
  • Scaffolding systems and cantilevered platforms are used to screen the worksite, as well as provide a stable working platform.

Temporary structures placed on City of Sydney land must:

  • minimise obstructions and inconvenience for people walking and riding
  • ensure safe passage with well-maintained walking surfaces past worksites
  • minimise negative visual effects on the surrounding area.

These guidelines set minimum performance standards and specific design criteria to limit and manage these impacts. They also let developers, contractors and building owners to carry out necessary work and fulfill their legislative work safety responsibilities and other obligations.

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Laws and regulation

These guidelines have been made under the local approvals policy for hoardings and scaffolding.

We consider and assess applications in line with the policy. An application is approved under s94 of the Local Government Act 1993 (an activity under category E(2) of the table to s68) and also under the Roads Act 1993. Both acts are used to regulate these structures, including any enforcement actions taken by the City of Sydney.


You need to get approval from the City of Sydney before hoardings and scaffolding are set up for a development or worksite.

Creative graphic design options

Our creative hoardings program requires eligible hoardings and scaffolding to feature artworks or historic images.