Apply historic images to hoardings and scaffolding covers


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What you need to do

Historic images hoarding design template (.zip)ZIP · 1.35 MB · Last modified
Creative graphic design guide for hoardings and scaffoldingPDF · 32.64 MB · Last modified
City street with a heritage building being renovated. The facade is printed on the scaffolding cover.
Building with scaffolding cover featuring historic images and the facade of the heritage building.
Adult and child look at an historic image on a hoarding along a city pavement.

People love reflecting on the past and imagining the future. You can help Sydneysiders to step-back-in-time to reimagine our urban environment with life-size archival images from our City Archives. There’s a whole new layer of Sydney just waiting to be discovered.

– City Historian

Using creative graphics

We require the use of creative graphics on temporary structures in high traffic areas.

There are currently 3 options for installing artwork on eligible hoardings.

  1. Bespoke. You may create or commission your own site-specific artwork. Designs will require our approval and an image of your proposed design must be lodged with your application.
  2. Historic images. Temporary structures surrounding heritage-listed sites or in areas of heritage significance are required to display historic images of the locality. To help you meet this requirement, we have developed a design template and can supply photographs.
  3. Site Works. We called for artists and designers from across the nation to propose artworks for display on hoardings. We selected and licensed 10 artworks. These are available to use on eligible hoardings free of charge. In some cases we may require these artworks to be used.

Where hoardings and/or scaffolding are erected on public land including roads and footpaths, we reserve the right to display community information about major projects, festivals and special events. You'll be advised during the application process if we intend to exercise this right.