Planning agreement guidelines

Planning agreements (also commonly referred to as VPAs) are voluntary agreements entered into by the City of Sydney and a developer to deliver public benefits.

Planning Agreement Guidelines February 2021


  • Planning agreements include the dedication of land to Council, monetary contributions, public infrastructure, community facilities, affordable housing, any other material public benefit or any combination of these.
  • Planning agreements are prepared under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act in relation to either a planning proposal (rezoning application) or a development application.
  • Our planning agreement guidelines aim to assist in preparing planning agreements.
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Planning agreements are negotiated between the City of Sydney and developers submitting a development application or a planning proposal.

We maintain a register of voluntary planning agreements (commonly called VPAs) in the ePlanning portal.

View a planning agreement, or all planning agreements, by using the advanced search.

  • Select voluntary planning agreements as the application type.
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