Sydney Streets technical specifications

Design and construction standards for physical assets in our city, including roads, footpaths, kerbs, gutters, street lighting, and survey and stormwater infrastructure.



  • When works are undertaken on local streets and footpaths, the Sydney Streets technical specifications provide developers, consultants, service providers and our employees with the standards and details for design and construction.

  • The specifications complement the Sydney Streets Code 2013, which sets out our vision for public infrastructure.

  • Technical and standard drawings are included in the specifications, which were developed from documents, work practices, research and analysis of industry best practice.

  • The Sydney Streets technical specifications provide a consolidated, comprehensive and concise approach to the design and construction of all public infrastructure works.

Sydney Streets technical specificationsPDF · 5.99 MB · Last modified

Version 5, full document.

Standard drawingsPDF · 15.71 MB · Last modified

All drawings.

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