Dixon Street improvement grant

Supports the revitalisation of the historic heart of Chinatown through matched funding for works to shop and building frontages.

Chinatown ceremonial gate on Dixon Street at dusk. Shops with bright signage line the street and people walk along the path.

Applications are open now

Program closes: July 2027 or when budget is exhausted.

We’re hosting an online briefing session, open to all on Monday 5 August 2024 at 2pm.

The session includes a briefing and an opportunity to ask your questions. Registration is essential.

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About this program

This funding program supports capital works that improve shop and building frontages on Dixon Street south with matched funding that contributes to:

  • the visible renewal of Dixon Street (south) shopfronts and facades, making the street more active and attractive
  • the creation of a ‘chef’s gallery’ bringing the theatre of food preparation to Dixon Street
  • the distinct character and identity of Dixon Street as the historic heart of Chinatown.

We provide support for 3 types of capital works projects:

  • Type 1 - Street level major works
  • Type 2 - Street level minor works
  • Type 3 - Upper storey works

This grant is part of a 3-year Dixon Street improvement program aimed at revitalising Chinatown with both public and private investments. Conservation and restoration of the Chinatown Ceremonial Gates began in July 2024 and will finish by early 2025. Planned upgrades to Dixon Street include lighting, paving, trees and street furniture.

Funding available

Type 1 – Street level major works: Cash funding up to $60,000 is available per shopfront.

Type 2 – Street level minor works: Cash funding of up to $20,000 is available per shopfront.

Type 3 – Upper storey works: Cash funding up to $60,000 is available per property.

You’re required to at least match the funding requested with cash. Value-in-kind won’t be accepted.

How to apply

This program has 4 steps in the application process.

Take steps 2 and 3 at the same time.

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Supporting documents

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