New synthetic sports field at Perry Park, Alexandria

We’re building a new synthetic sports field at Perry Park in Alexandria to meet the growing demand for sporting facilities in south Sydney.

Project Status: In progress

Why we’re doing this

We’re working to build new and upgraded active sports fields across our local area to meet the growing needs of our communities.

We aim to increase the capacity of our sports fields by 16,000 playing hours by 2030. This involves constructing some synthetic fields that provide greater playing hours than traditional turf fields.

In 2020 we asked the community to provide feedback on the proposal to build a synthetic field. The design was approved by Council in May 2021.

What we’re doing

Works include:

  • a new FIFA-sized synthetic sports field
  • a new amenities pavilion
  • new park lighting and seating
  • welcoming park entries and better access in and around the park
  • a new driveway and parking.

The existing trees were assessed by an independent arborist. We are removing 36 trees as some are in poor condition, and others are in the space reserved for the new sporting field.

We will replace them with 26 larger native trees, which will grow better and increase the shade coverage due to their size. The new trees and plants will reduce the heat island effect, be better for local wildlife, and improve sightlines and safety within the park.

The park will be closed during the works. Perry Park Recreation Centre will stay open and continue to operate as usual.

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Artist’s impression shows soccer players on the field, which is surrounded by trees and people walking along footpaths around it.
Artist impression of the new Perry Park synthetic field.Image: Aspect Studios