Windsor Plaza apartments

A group of 6 people stand on a rooftop. Solar panels in the foreground. The people engage in conversation while looking at the solar panels or towards the city. Various buildings in the background.

Built in 1987, Windsor Plaza hosts 154 apartments over 18 storeys.

We awarded the owners corporation 2 grants to rate the building’s environmental performance and get an energy action plan.

An initial report revealed several measures could be introduced with an average payback period of about 3 years.

The measures were projected to reduce electricity use by nearly $20,000 a year while saving $5,000 a year on maintenance costs.


The results achieved by Windsor Plaza are noteworthy:

  • The initial round of energy efficiency improvements resulted in a remarkable 28% reduction in electricity use.
  • The electricity generated from the newly installed solar panels is primarily consumed within the building, effectively reducing the reliance on grid electricity.
  • Windsor Plaza proudly achieved a 5-star NABERS energy rating.

The strata committee communicates with residents through newsletters, bulletins, updates on the building management system and letterbox drops. Messages are available in English, Chinese and Thai, catering to the diverse community in Windsor Plaza.

Looking ahead, Windsor Plaza is currently exploring the potential to install electric vehicle chargers, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices and accommodating the evolving needs of its residents.