Guidelines for speakers at Council Committees

Speaking at Committee meetings

As part of our democratic process, members of the community are invited to speak directly to Councillors during Committee meetings about items on the agenda.

To hear a wide range of views and concerns within the limited time available, we encourage people interested in speaking at Committee to:

  • register to speak by contacting us before midday the day of the meeting. Early registration is encouraged.  See contact details under Contacts.
  • check the recommendation in the Committee report before speaking, as it may address your concerns already so you only need to indicate your support for the recommendation
  • note there is a 3 minute time limit for each speaker (with a warning bell at 2 minutes) and prepare your presentation to cover your major points within that time
  • avoid repeating what previous speakers have said and focus on issues and information that the Committee may not already know
  • if there is a large number of people interested in the same item as you, try to nominate 3 representatives to speak on your behalf and to indicate how many people they are representing
  • be prepared to quickly return to the microphone and respond briefly to any questions from Councillors, after all speakers on an item have made their presentations.

Committee meetings can run for several hours, particularly when there is a long agenda and a large number of speakers. This has an impact on speakers who have to wait, as well as Council staff and Councillors who are required to remain focused and alert. As a result, at the start of each Committee meeting the Committee Chair may reorder agenda items so that those items with speakers can be dealt with first.

Live streaming

Council and Committee meetings, including your speech, are recorded and webcast live on the City of Sydney website.

If you’re addressing a meeting, your image, voice and personal information, including name and address, will be recorded, publicly broadcast and archived for up to 12 months.

By attending or speaking at a Committee, you consent to this use of your image, voice and personal information.

Watch a livestream of Council or Committee.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 24 March 2020