On-street electric vehicle charger trial

Exploring a suitable location, support for the infrastructure and level of demand.

An electric City of Sydney branded car parked on a road. Sydney Bridge on the background.

We’re working with Ausgrid on a trial of on-street electric vehicle charging at 75 St Johns Road, Glebe.

This trial will help us explore on-street electric vehicle charging at suitable locations in our area, public support for the infrastructure and parking allocation, and the level of demand for this type of charging.

Installation and management

Ausgrid and its partner EVX will install, manage and maintain the charger and power pole. The charger will operate under a user pays model. Bookings will be required in the EVX app. Users won’t be charged parking fees during this trial.

The site

We selected 75 St Johns Road as a suitable site for this trial. No residences are directly served by the 2 affected parking spaces, and the location is close to the busy high street of Glebe. We changed the kerbside restrictions for the trial. There’ll be a maximum 4 hour parking time limit for charging during the day, but potential for longer stay charging overnight.

As electric vehicle ownership increases, some on-street charging in our local area may be needed. This must not come at the expense of enjoyment of public space.

What next?

If the trial is successful, we’ll work with Ausgrid to explore more sites. We’ll consult our communities for any proposed spaces.