Guidelines for speakers at meetings

As part of our democratic process, you can talk about your concerns in person.


Speaking at committee/panel meetings

To hear a wide range of views and concerns within the limited time available, we encourage people speaking at committee/panel meetings to:

  • register before 10am on the day of the meeting. Early registration is encouraged. Contact Secretariat by email or phone to register.
  • check the recommendation in the report before participating as it may address your concerns already.
  • note the 3 minute time limit for each speaker. Prepare your speech to cover your major points within that time.
  • avoid repeating what previous speakers have said and focus on issues and information the committee may not already know.
  • nominate 3 speakers if a large number of people are represented

Committe/panel meetings can run for several hours, particularly when there is a long agenda and a large number of speakers. In some cases, the Chair may decide to re-order the agenda so that items with speakers are dealt with first. For this reason, Secretariat cannot provide an exact time that an agenda item will be dealt with.

Live streaming

Council and committee meetings, and meetings of the Central Sydney Planning Committee and the Local Planning Panel, including your speech, are recorded and broadcast live on our website.

If you’re addressing a meeting, your image, voice and personal information, including name and address, will be recorded, publicly broadcast and archived for up to 12 months.

By attending or speaking at a meeting, you consent to this use of your image, voice and personal information.

Watch a livestream of a planning, council or committee meeting.

You can “attend” planning, council and committee meetings by watching online.

Council and committee meetings, meetings of the Central Sydney Planning Committee, Local Planning Panel and the Local Pedestrian Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee are held in person in the Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.

You can also provide written comments about relevant committee/panel items to be provided to committee/panel members. This material must be sent to Secretariat before 10am on the day of the meeting.