Burton and Palmer streetscape upgrade works

The intersection and surrounds are safer, easier to use and more appealing.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

East Sydney’s cultural and creative hub is home to the Eternity Playhouse, East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (formerly known as Heffron Hall), Albert Sloss Reserve and nearby public spaces including Taylor Square, Oxford Square, Oxford Street and the Bourke Street cycleway.

Footpaths were upgraded from asphalt to brick paving. Wider footpaths along Burton Street create more space outside the Eternity Playhouse for people to meet and gather. The Palmer Street footpath, north of the intersection, outside the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre and park, has been upgraded. The footpath has been extended south of the intersection on Palmer Street across Kells Lane to give people walking right of way when crossing.

The new street layout will slow traffic, making it safer for both drivers and people walking.

The improvements included:

  • narrower traffic lanes
  • wider footpaths
  • 2 new raised pedestrian crossings
  • new bench seating
  • bike parking
  • improved street lighting
  • high-quality brick paving
  • new rain garden.

These works will improve the links between the cultural precinct and nearby existing public squares on Oxford Street.