Central and Wilmot streets upgrading works

As part of revitalising works, the lane's character has been improved and opportunities created for outdoor use.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

Minor rectification works with minimal community impact.

From 3 July 2015, traffic flow changes affected Wilmot, Central and George streets.

Wilmot Street

  • is 2-way from Pitt Street to the HSBC loading bay
  • is closed from the HSBC loading bay to George Street
  • is now a shared zone, speed limit is 10km/h.

Central Street

  • is 1-way entry from George Street to Pitt Street>
  • is now a shared zone, speed limit is 10km/h
  • there is no right turn from George Street into Central Street.

George Street

  • no right turn into Central Street
  • no left turn for vehicles more than 9m long into Central Street
  • new pedestrian crossing signals located to the south of Central Street.

Improvement works

In May 2014 we started the improvement works on Central and Wilmot streets.

The works included:

  • raising the road surface level to be flush with the footpath
  • continuing the footpath at George Street and Pitt Street
  • installing new drainage and new lighting
  • providing shared zones
  • removing the 2 police-only parking spots next to Central Court House
  • making the 2 loading zone spaces for delivery vehicles only (no parking outside of loading zone times)
  • converting the existing intersection signals at George and Central streets into a mid-block crossing south of Central Street.
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