Cleveland Street hedging works

A 2.3km continuous green corridor links Moore and Victoria parks from South Dowling Street to City Road.

Project Status: Completed

Improving local streets

Following the initial installation of kerbside hedges on Cleveland Street between South Dowling and George streets, the positive feedback we received from the community resulted in the works being extended.

The kerbside hedging now runs for 2.3km along Cleveland Street from South Dowling Street in the east to City Road in the west linking Moore Park and Victoria Park with a continuous green corridor.

The works were completed in August 2015.

The hedges have been set back from the kerb with regular breaks in the hedging to let people access parked cars from the footpath. No changes were made to parking arrangements along Cleveland Street where cars can park when clearway restrictions are not in operation.

Waste collection
Space has been created on both sides of new and existing trees where residents can place their bins for waste collection on Cleveland Street.