Danks Street east precinct, Waterloo: Greening works

We'll plant more trees in the area, including on Crystal and Potter streets, and Gadigal Avenue.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

We’ll soon start work to plant more trees in the Danks Street east precinct, including on Danks, Crystal and Potter streets and Gadigal Avenue. This will increase the shade and canopy cover in the area.

Canopy cover in the area is about 10% and many local street trees are showing signs of stunted growth.

We’ll plant 97 new trees in larger garden beds and remove 54 existing trees.

We consulted the community in February and March 2020 and received a high level of support for increased greening and the shade these new trees will create. In response to feedback we received, we’re retaining one of the trees originally proposed for removal.

Our contractor QMC started work in early May. Construction will take place from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. The project is expected to take about 20 weeks to complete, weather permitting.

The work will take place in stages, starting at Gadigal Avenue, then moving to Potter Street, Crystal Street and Danks Street as the final stage.

There will be some machinery noise, dust, parking restrictions and traffic control during the work. We will take steps to minimise disruptions.

Fast-tracking capital works in response to Covid-19

We’re responding to the Covid-19 global pandemic with a range of measures to support our community and our local economy. This includes fast-tracking capital works projects including upgrading parks, paving and landscaping.

All our sites have Covid-19 management plans in place and are following public health guidelines for physical distancing, extra hygiene and safety measures.

We know our residents, workers and visitors are focused on physical distancing and health and wellbeing, and many are experiencing economic stress. It’s also important the City continues to deliver projects that will create jobs and benefit our local area.

Concept Plan page 1PNG · 1.44 MB · Last modified

The first page of the concept plan shows the location of existing trees and palms to be retained and proposed new tree plantings including hill’s weeping fig, captain cooks pine, brush box, Japanese zelkova, Chinese elm, spotted gum, weeping lilly pilly and red bloodwood

Concept Plan page 2PNG · 155.75 KB · Last modified

The second page of the concept plan shows existing trees to be retained, transplanted and removed