Improving Loftus Street, Customs House Lane and Reiby Place, Sydney

Project Status: Planned

What we’re doing

As part of our city north public domain plan, we’re upgrading Loftus Street, Reiby Place and Customs House Lane.

The work will include pedestrianising Loftus Street north of Reiby Place, paving Customs House Lane, and footpath extension works in Reiby Place.

The changes include:

  • timed closure of Loftus Street (north of Reiby Place) and Customs House Lane from 11am to 12am (midnight) 7 days a week – outside of these hours, Loftus Street (north of Reiby Place) and Customs House Lane will be open as a 10km/h shared zone to provide access for servicing and deliveries
  • a continuous footpath treatment in Reiby Place at its intersections with Loftus Street and Pitt Street
  • planting street trees in the new shared zone in Loftus Street.

The project will improve safety for people walking, access and amenity, reduce through traffic, and maintain servicing and deliveries for surrounding businesses.

The improvements will also provide opportunities for outdoor dining and events.