Liverpool Street cycleway improvement works

This new connection will provide protected space for people riding to get around safely.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

This cycleway will provide a safer route for people riding between Darling Harbour and the existing Liverpool Street separated cycleway. This is an important link in the NSW Government's strategic bike network and will help improve safety and connections for the growing number of people riding in the city.

The Liverpool Street cycleway already sees around 1,200 weekday trips by people riding to and from the city centre.

The improvements include:

  • an extension of the existing Liverpool Street cycleway to Sussex Street
  • a new diagonal bike crossing across Sussex Street
  • a wider footpath and 2-way cycleway on the south side of Liverpool Street from Sussex to Dixon streets to connect riders to the bridge over Harbour Street.

The proposal removes 2 on-street car parking spaces on the south side of Liverpool Street near Sussex Street to provide more space for people walking in this busy area.

This project is funded by the NSW Government.

Responding to the community

We exhibited the plans and consulted the community in October 2019. Council endorsed the proposal in December 2019. The Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee has endorsed the scheme.

Why is this project needed?

The link between Darling Harbour and the city centre is one of the city’s key bike routes, connecting Broadway, Chippendale and Ultimo to the Liverpool Street and Kent Street cycleways. The Liverpool Street cycleway sees over 1,200 daily bike trips, many of which also pass through Darling Harbour.

The Liverpool Street cycleway currently ends at Sussex Street. Riders are required to dismount and walk their bikes when travelling on Liverpool Street between Dixon and Sussex streets.

The new cycleway link will keep pedestrians and riders safe, by providing a separated cycleway so riders will not be required to walk their bikes on the busy footpaths. Additional space will be given to people walking, with footpath widening made possible through the removal of 2 parking spaces.

Will there be a separated cycleway on the bridge over Harbour Street?

No, the bridge will remain as a shared path. Riders will enter and exit the new section of separated cycleway on Liverpool Street from a ramp.

How will the diagonal crossing operate?

The diagonal crossing will be signalised with bike lanterns. There will be a dedicated lights sequence for bikes.

Will there be any changes to parking?

Yes, 6 parking spaces will be affected:

  • 2 metered parking spaces will be removed on the southern side of Liverpool Street to facilitate footpath widening and the separated cycleway
  • 4 metered parking spaces on the northern side of Liverpool Street will be changed to certain off-peak hours only to allow two dedicated traffic lanes in peak times.