Napier Street transformation works

We turned the area into a safer and more accessible outdoor space.

Project Status: Completed

Improving local streets

We transformed the eastern end of Napier Street, between Rosebud Lane and the intersection of Greens Road and Oxford Street, into a safer and more accessible outdoor space.

The area now has new seating, garden beds, lighting and landscaping to make it a more beautiful and enjoyable place, with opportunities for dining and events.

The improvements include:

  • new seating to enhance residents’ enjoyment of the area
  • new garden areas and landscaping to make the space more beautiful
  • opportunities for temporary events so neighbours can meet and socialise
  • improved LEDs
  • new paths and connections between Oxford Street, Greens Road and Rosebud Lane.

In August 2011 we asked residents and businesses for comment on how they use the site and what they would like to see changed. We presented the draft concept plan to the community and sought feedback in February 2012.