New medians and more trees on Boyce Street Glebe

We’re installing 4 central median strips and planting 10 trees on Boyce Street, Glebe.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

We’re improving safety on Boyce Street in Glebe by installing 4 central median strips. We’re also increasing shade in summer and sunlight in winter by planting 10 new deciduous trees.

Green vase (Zelkova serrata) trees expected to reach a maximum height of 10m will be planted in the raised median strips. These small deciduous trees were chosen in response to community feedback. They will provide shade in summer and allow sunlight to access properties in winter.

We will plant the trees in March 2021, after the hotter months of summer, to provide them with better growing conditions and less watering requirements.

There will be safe places for people to cross at intersections and there will be no changes to parking.

The City’s contractor QMC will carry out the work. There will be some machinery noise, dust and traffic control during the work. Parking on Boyce Street may be temporarily impacted due to access requirements for construction materials and equipment. We will take steps to minimise other impacts.

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