Planting more trees on Mitchell Street, Centennial Park

Project Status: Planned

What we’re doing

We’ll plant 7 new trees on Mitchell Street, Centennial Park.

This work includes:

  • 3 raised landscaped median strips on Mitchell Street between Lang Road and Cook Road
  • 7 new trees to provide shade, cool the street and increase the overall canopy cover of the area to meet our greening targets.

Our contractor QMC Group will carry out the works. We expect the project to start in early June and take place from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday as required.

Steps will be taken to minimise impacts on residents. Temporary changes to the traffic flow and parking will allow access for construction materials and equipment.

Construction planPDF · 3.5 MB · Last modified

Why we are doing this

This is part of our work to keep our streets cool, calm and green.

Following community consultation, the project was endorsed by the Local Pedestrian Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee.