Street furniture upgrade

We’re modernising our streets and creating better amenities for residents, visitors and businesses by installing new bus shelters, litter bins, benches, communication pylons, kiosks and public toilets across our LGA.

Project Status: Planned

What we’re doing

A suite of new street furniture equipped with digital screens will be installed across the city from September 2021.

Newly designed bus shelters, kiosks, digital information pylons and public toilets will replace the current furniture, much of which has been in place since 1997.

The new street furniture will help modernise our streets and make the city more accessible for all.

New digital display panels will allow us to share event information and emergency communications when required.

A man walks towards a bus shelter on a city street pavement.
A fruit stand kiosk on a city pavement. A digital screen is on one wall.
Toilet with handrails and wash basin.

How this may affect you

The works to remove and replace bus shelters, kiosks and public toilets across our local area may create additional noise as heavy plant vehicles will be used around the worksites.

Construction vehicles will be parked on site and on-street parking may be affected around worksite at certain times.

There will be traffic controllers on site assisting public access during work.

Any issues can be reported directly to QMS Community Relations.