Targeting traffic black spots

We're installing features to improve the safety of high-risk intersections.

Project Status: In progress

2 photos together showing a before works view on the left and after view on the right. Each shows a street with road and buildings.
Before and after comparisonBlack spot before and after comparison at the intersection of Regent and Meagher streets in Chippendale.

What we’re doing

We're targeting traffic black spots with the installation of traffic calming measures.

These measures include changing the traffic flow and adding roundabouts, median strips, pedestrian crossings and new control signals and signs to improve the safety for people who drive, ride and walk.

At the intersection of Regent and Meagher streets in Chippendale, there have been 19 crashes in 5 years.

Pictured above, before and after the works, we widened the footpath to restrict traffic and diverted people who walk and ride onto a new shared path. 

The projects are partially funded by state and federal governments. We're hoping to obtain funding and improve the intersection of William Henry and Jones streets in Ultimo.