Traffic control trial: Cowper Wharf Roadway and Greenknowe Avenue

We tested the removal of Friday and Saturday night temporary road closures in Woolloomooloo and Potts Point.

Project Status: Completed

Improving local streets

Trial removal of temporary road closures

Over 4 weeks from 17 February to 12 March 2017, we trialled the removal of the Friday and Saturday night temporary road closures on Cowper Wharf Roadway in Woolloomooloo and Greenknowe Avenue in Potts Point.

The trial removal of the road closures follows NSW Police reporting that the level of anti-social behaviour, which prompted the closures, has reduced considerably.

In 2009, we and NSW Police proposed the temporary closure of Cowper Wharf Roadway in response to concerns raised by the local community about street racing and loud music being played from car stereos.

In 2014, a second temporary closure was introduced in Potts Point to stop traffic turning left from Greenknowe Avenue into Macleay Street.

We have invested more than $4 million to further deter anti-social behaviour in the area. We introduced numerous streetscape improvements and traffic calming measures, particularly in the Kings Cross area, to slow through traffic, improve pedestrian safety and accessibility, and enhance local amenity.

During the trial, NSW Police monitored local conditions to determine any changes in anti-social behaviour.

We will now work with NSW Police to assess the results and determine if the removal of the temporary road closures should become permanent.

Following the review, we will update local residents and businesses by letter on a way forward. 

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