Walking & cycling improvements at St Peters & Premier lanes, Darlinghurst

We’re improving safety and access for people walking and riding along these laneways.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

St Peters and Premier lanes have narrow footpaths that force people to walk on the road. We’re creating a shared zone to improve safety and access for people walking and riding. In a shared zone people walking have priority and there is a 10km/h speed limit for vehicles.

Work includes:

  • coloured road pavement to distinguish it as a pedestrian area
  • raised treatment near the intersection with Rosebank Street
  • swapping sections of parking from the southern to the northern side
  • reducing the speed limit to 10km/h
  • providing contra-flow bicycle access to allow people to ride in both directions
  • providing 2 new parking spaces.
Plan shows coloured pavement along St Peters and Premier lanes from Bourke Street to Rosebank Street. 10km/h shared zone, give way to pedestrians and park in bays only signs at the start of St Peters Lane at Bourke Street with an end shared zone sign at the end of Premier Lane at Rosebank Street. Parking spaces moved to the northern side of Premier Lane from corner of Forbes Street, including 2 new parking spaces. The raised pavement treatment starts on the bend of Premier Lane leading to Rosebank Street.
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View down a narrow city laneway with buildings on both sides.
St Peters Lane, Darlinghurst

View east towards Forbes Street and Premier Lane, Darlinghurst, before the works started.