Wilson and Burren streets improvements

This work will provide a safer and more enjoyable link for people riding between Newtown, the city centre and eastern suburbs.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

We’re making the local area better for people walking and riding. It will provide a safer and more enjoyable link for people riding between Newtown, the city centre and eastern suburbs. 

The project includes:

  • new 2-way separated cycleway on Wilson Street
  • new 1-way (southbound) separated cycleway on Burren Street
  • a 1-way (northbound) bike lane on Pine Street
  • a widened shared path and a shared zone on Leamington Lane connecting the 1 way pair on Burren and Pine streets
  • 2 new pedestrian crossings for better access to Macdonaldtown station and Carriageworks
  • improved street lighting, including additional lighting between Ivy Street and Carriageworks for people walking to Redfern station
  • new paved thresholds, flat top speed humps and footpath widening to slow traffic
  • more garden beds and new trees providing shade and amenity to the street.

Why is this project needed?

Wilson Street is a priority NSW Government cycling route and one of 10 regional bike routes across the city. The changes will make it safer for people riding between Erskineville, Newtown and the city centre. It will also provide an alternative transport option for the growing residential population. 

Responding to the community

We exhibited the plans and consulted the community in early 2017. Council endorsed the proposal in March 2017. The Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee has endorsed the scheme.

In response to community feedback, we reviewed parking in surrounding streets and found 29 new spaces, 17 additional residential spaces and extra drop-off zones at Ivy Street, near Redfern station. These offset the loss of 37 parking spaces associated with the project.

We reviewed the design at Macdonaldtown Station and Leamington Lane to improve safety and sight lines. We changed the shared path to a separated cycleway adjacent to the existing footpath and the direction of the separated cycleway on Burren Street and Pine Street. Bike riders travelling north will now turn into Leamington Lane from the far left side of the cycleway ensuring they can clearly see the corner and people walking nearby.

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