Online learning and courses

Library members get free access to a suite of tutorials and programs to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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LinkedIn Learning

City of Sydney library members can access over 16,000 micro and in-depth courses in areas of software, technology, creative and business skills.

Free on demand courses are available in 7 languages, taught by industry experts.

You can download a certificate of completion once you finish the course.



Mango Languages

Learn a new language on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Choose from over 70 languages or improve your English skills.

Keep track of your progress by creating a profile.



Be Connected

A free Australian Government initiative to increase the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians when they use the internet and everyday technology.

Access interactive online activities, learn to search the internet, use email, connect with family and friends on social media, make simple video calls and get help setting up personal MyGov accounts.

Available online from the federal government.

Free online training