Asbestos contaminated mulch in parks and garden beds


We’re updating this page regularly to keep you informed.

Testing is complete at identified parks in our area.

The remaining garden beds identified for testing are taped off and signposted.

We’ve got barriers and signs up at parks where asbestos has been detected to stop people from entering affected areas.

Clean-up is under way at several sites and will continue progressively over several months.

Licensed asbestos removalists are required for the clean-up. We’re following work, health and safety regulations and SafeWork NSW guidelines.

Remediation includes the preparation and independent approval of a removal plan, sampling to determine disposal options for the mulch, removal of contaminated mulch and testing of soil. Once the site has been cleared, fresh mulch is laid and barriers and fencing removed.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the extensive clean-up process.

Where has asbestos been found?

We’re updating this information with results from the testing sites listed on this page.

We’ve got fences and signs up at the parks where asbestos has been detected to stop people from entering affected areas.

Clean-up is complete and these sites have reopened:

  • Pirrama Park, Pyrmont (friable asbestos removed)
  • Harmony Park, Surry Hills (friable and bonded asbestos removed)
  • Bicentennial Park, between Glebe Point Road and Johnstons Creek, Glebe (friable and bonded asbestos removed)

Clean-up is also complete at Wood Street Lands, Forest Lodge (friable asbestos removed).

Clean-up is under way at several sites:

  • Bicentennial Park between Chapman Road and Johnstons Creek, Annandale
  • Jubilee Park, Glebe
  • Wentworth Park, Glebe
  • Pirrama Park, Pyrmont
  • North Rosebery Park, Rosebery

How did this issue come about?

On Thursday 8 February, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) advised us that our mulch suppliers may have received supplies of contaminated recycled mulch.

We immediately began testing 5 sites that were identified as possibly contaminated.

Our immediate tests confirmed asbestos in 3 of our parks on Monday 12 February.

The EPA’s initial phase of supply chains tracing is complete, while its criminal investigation continues.

We have now tested all identified parks in our local area.

Areas we’re testing and latest results

We’re updating this information as more results from the testing sites listed become available and once clean-up is completed.

More information on asbestos contaminated mulch in our parks

We respond to common questions about the asbestos contaminated mulch found in some parks in our local area.