Redevelopment of 600-660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern

NSW Land and Housing Corporation are planning the redevelopment of the site for social, affordable and market housing.

Project Status: Closed

Public consultation period to

What they’re doing

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has finalised new planning controls for 600-660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern. The City’s planning controls have been amended to permit an increase in floor space where:

  • buildings on site will not overshadow Redfern Park and Oval between 9am and 3pm, all year round
  • a community facility of at least 3,500 square metres is provided on site
  • the development achieves higher than standard environmental performance, and 
  • at least 30% of residential floor space onsite is delivered as social or affordable rental housing [approximately 300 dwellings total (90 social/affordable rental)].

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment did not support the City’s request for 30% social and 7.5% affordable rental housing. They did support a control seeking 10 per cent or more of the total number of dwellings to be provided for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing.

The finalised Design Guide puts in place detailed development controls that will guide the future development. The required community facility allows for the Police Citizens Youth Club to be potentially retained on site. The future development application will be State Significant, assessed by the NSW Government, following a design competition.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation is undertaking a tender process to find a development partner. LAHC intends to retain ownership of any social housing and for the development partner (private or not-for-profit) to sell any market housing and sell or retain any affordable rental housing.

Read more at the Land and Housing Corporation website.