Rezoning proposal for the Central precinct

Transport for NSW has lodged an application with the Department of Planning and Environment to develop the area.

Project Status: Closed

Public consultation period to

What they’re doing

Transport for NSW is seeking to change the planning controls that currently apply to the Central precinct. As a State Significant Precinct, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment is managing the request to change the planning controls.

Transport for NSW has prepared a State Significant Precinct Study (planning report), an explanation of intended effect, design guide, and technical documents for assessment by the department. These documents are now on exhibition for public comment.

The Proposal seeks to deliver approximately 515,000 square metres of new floor space including:

  • 12 new buildings ranging from 9 to 39 storeys in height
  • 269,500 square metres of new commercial floor space
  • 47,250 square metres of education/tech floor space
  • 22,850 square metres of new retail space
  • 76,100 square metres of hotel and student accommodation
  • Around 850 new dwellings, with 15% earmarked for affordable housing and 15% earmarked for diverse housing
  • Over 2 hectares of new publicly accessible open space
  • a new network of streets and laneways with east-west walking links across railway lines.

The City of Sydney is preparing a response to the Central precinct rezoning proposal.

Review the proposal and comment

Members of the public can review the proposal and comment using the online form on the department’s website.

For assistance using the online submission form, contact Service NSW on 1300 305 695 or [email protected].

Public feedback will inform the final rezoning package. Following the exhibition and evaluation of the proposal, the department will make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning regarding the rezoning of the precinct.

Find out more

View and comment on the rezoning proposal.

Read more about the Central precinct renewal program and opportunities to meet the team from Transport NSW.

Attend a public meeting about Transport for NSW’s rezoning proposal for the Central station precinct.