Yananurala opportunities

Project Status: Closed

The City of Sydney seeks Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander videographers and photographers.

Yananurala | Walking On Country is a unique project developed by the City of Sydney with the support of the City of Sydney Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel, the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and Placemaking NSW.

The 9km harbourside walk on Gadigal Country extends from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Pirrama / Pyrmont to Wallamool / Woolloomooloo. Along the way it passes some of the world’s most recognised botanical and cultural institutions which presents opportunities for collaborative contributions.

You can read more about Yananurala and download a copy of the Harbour Walk storytelling report that sets the framework for the project.

Yananurala is part of the City of Sydney's Eora Journey: Recognition in the public domain program.

Yananurala community videography and photography

We’re seeking an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander videographer to produce a community video about Patyegarang and her gift of language to William Dawes.

Patyegarang was a young Aboriginal woman living in the Sydney region when the British invaded in 1788. She played a significant role in early contact between Aboriginal and British people at Tara. She was a teacher to William Dawes, an engineer and astronomer. Together in 1790-91 they created what is now considered the first written account of the Sydney Aboriginal language.

We hope this video will inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to create a permanent public artwork celebrating Patyegarang’s gift of language to William Dawes.

The video will capture conversations with community members sharing the story of Patyegarang in their own words. Some photography is also required.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 21 November at 5pm.

For more information contact: