Chisholm Street Reserve improvements

We’re giving the Darlinghurst space an upgrade to make it more pleasant for everyone to enjoy.

Three steps to one access to Chisholm Street Reserve surrounded by trees during daylight hours.
Garden with plants, flowers, trees and shrubs around Chisholm Street Reserve. House and parked cars around the reserve in the background during daylight hours.
Gardens with plants, flowers, trees, and shrub along one of the corners of Chisholm Street Reserve during daylight hours. Cars parked on the street in the background.

Project Status: Planned

What we’re doing

The upgrade includes:

  • new garden edging and dog fencing
  • a new crushed granite pavement
  • cleaning of existing brick wall, entry pavements and steps
  • improving the drainage systems.

The park will be closed during the works. The nearest parks to enjoy are Albert Sloss Reserve Playground and the Frances Newton Reserve.

Drawing showing the outline of Chisholm Street Reserve between Chisholm street and Hannam Street. Arrows and words used to locate and explain features that are part of the works.