Improving Arthur Street Reserve and Playground, Surry Hills

Project Status: Planned

Why we’re doing this

We’ve developed a design for the park based on your feedback.

What we’re doing

The upgrade includes:

  • relocating the playground to maximise space and improve safety
  • a new play structure with steps for toddlers, a slide, deck platform, firepole, climbing challenge and new swing
  • a nature play area with timber balance beams, play decks and poles
  • retaining existing mature trees and new plant barrier hedges
  • removing a small tree which is impacting the growth of an existing mature tree
  • a new community space with more seats and tables
  • stormwater improvements, footpath repairs and repaving to Arthur Street and Phelps Lane
  • a new water bubbler with dog bowl.

The reserve and playground will be closed during the upgrade.

A detailed landscape architecture plan for the Arthur Street Reserve Upgrade. It features a top-down view of the park layout with various elements such as trees, pathways, seating areas, and play equipment marked with symbols and numbered keys. The plan includes dotted lines indicating proposed works, shaded green areas representing different types of vegetation, and annotations for specific features like garden beds or fences. A legend on the left side provides a key to the symbols used in the plan, and the north direction is indicated at the top right corner.