Upgrade works for Michael Kelly rest area, Newtown

Project Status: Planned

Why we’re doing this

We developed a concept plan for the park upgrade based on your feedback from our consultation in late 2020.  We then modified the design and in mid-2021 aUpgradesked the community for feedback. We used this feedback to refine the design, which Council approved in November 2021.

What we’re doing

The upgrade includes:

  • retaining the mature trees with additional plants
  • improving the entry and adding a new kerb ramp for better access
  • relocating seats to reduce noise issues and adding a new low brick seating wall
  • installing a new painted metal blade fence to improve privacy and park amenity
  • improving the turf grass area and adding new shrubs and groundcover plants
  • providing more seats and a new water bubbler with a dog bowl.

We’re investigating: 

  • a new table size chessboard 
  • a new garbage bin with dog bags dispenser.