Compliance policy

How unlawful activity will be investigated and what factors are taken into account in making decisions regarding the exercise of the City of Sydney's compliance powers.



  • This policy is designed to guide our decision-making so our compliance activities and actions are risk-based, responsive, effective, efficient and collaborative.
  • It is intended to:
    • guide compliance outcomes that are credible, understandable, and consistently applied
    • explain this approach to our communities and businesses, including how and why we conduct compliance activities.
  • The policy applies to City of Sydney staff with responsibility for managing and investigating regulatory issues within the City’s areas of responsibility including:
    • development and building control
    • pollution control
    • environmental health
    • public health and safety
    • noxious weeds
    • water and sewer
    • control over animals
    • food safety
    • fire safety
    • tree preservation.
  • The policy does not apply to parking and parking related matters.
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