Report an underground petroleum storage system leak or spill

Leaks or spills from underground petroleum storage systems must be reported to the City of Sydney. Failure to report could result in penalties for corporations of up to $2 million and $500,000 for an individual.

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What you need to do

You must download the form below, complete and lodge the leak notification form immediately when a leak or spill is detected from an underground petroleum storage system.

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Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS)

These storage systems are generally found at service/petrol stations but can also be at car dealerships, mechanical garages, golf courses, depots and airports.

Current exemptions

  • Above ground storage tanks and liquefied petroleum gas tanks are not included in the regulation.
  • Local councils can issue exemptions in their local area under a specific clause.

Important resources

The NSW Environment Protection Authority provides resources on how to appropriately manage underground petroleum storage systems.

It’s also created an informative course relevant to both the regulatory authority and persons responsible for managing underground petroleum storage systems.

A petroleum tank held in the air by a crane being placed in to the ground next to another two tanks.

Public health & safety programs

Underground petroleum storage system inspections

Councils are responsible for regulating and inspecting these systems in their local areas.