StudioRCC music studio program

Free opportunities for learning in creative workshops as well as sound production.

A young woman playing the guitar with a piano behind her.

The Redfern Community Centre digital sound recording studio is an accessible and easy-to-use facility for both learning and small-scale music projects.

As well as being a low-cost recording facility, StudioRCC connects individuals, local artists and communities to free online and centre based creative programs, sound production courses and instrument-based workshops with opportunities for participants to showcase their talents. The courses are provided by facilitators currently working within the Aboriginal/Australian music and film industry.

Our workshops are designed for all creative levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

We provide a welcoming environment for artists to come together to learn/create with the opportunity to perform for a live audience at the annual family and cultural day event and at local community festivals.

The recording studio can also be hired.

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