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Before you start

You’re eligible to apply for a free e-bike rental if you:

  • live in the Green Square area – check your address
  • are 18 years or over
  • want to lease the e-bike for personal use (not as part of a business or paid employment).

Area of eligibility for free e-bike rental

Click on the map to see the full area.

Map highlight Green Square suburbs

What else you need to know

The City of Sydney will pay for the first 4 weeks of your lease. After this, you will have the option to continue the lease at your expense or to end the lease.

The lease is a contract between you and the lease provider.

This offer is open to 160 people. The free lease offer will be closed once 160 leases have been granted.

You may only apply for 1 lease offer per person.

Some accessories are included but you may wish to buy or hire additional products or services from the leasing company.


If it all goes to plan

The lease provider will contact you by phone or email within 2 to 3 working days to arrange the lease.

You will be sent a short survey before and after your lease to ask about your experience.

If something goes wrong

If there is a problem with your application, our team will contact you within 2 working days by phone or email.

The City of Sydney cannot guarantee that your first choice of bike lease will be available.