Get approval to start building work

After you’ve received development consent, you’ll need to obtain a construction certificate.

Project Status: When you need to do this

What you need to do

Before you start

Who can apply for a construction certificate?

The applicant must be the property owner or the person having the benefit of the development consent. A building contractor cannot be the applicant unless the contractor is the owner of the property.

If you need to obtain consent from the owner to lodge a Construction Certificate please use City of Sydney's owners consent form and attach it to the application when lodging it on the NSW Planning Portal.

After you finish

Once received, your application will be allocated to a registered certifier. The certifier will contact you if any further information is required.


The determination will be issued through the NSW Planning Portal, including any supporting documents such as approved stamped plans.

Appointing a principal certifier

After the certificate is issued, a principal certifier must be appointed to monitor the building works to ensure compliance with the approved construction certificate and the conditions of development consent.  If you decide to use the City of Sydney as the principal certifier, you need to apply on the NSW Planning Portal, after you have obtained your certificate.

Once your appointment form is complete and accepted for lodgement on the NSW Planning Portal, we’ll contact you to payment the inspection fees.

Notice of work commencing must be provided to us at least 48 hours before works begin.

Construction certificate document requirements