Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool maintenance

Project Status: Planned

What we’re doing

We’re carrying out critical and extensive maintenance work to Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool.

The tiles and waterproof membranes will be replaced on the 50m outdoor pool and the smaller 20m pool.

Essential maintenance will be carried out on the pool’s concrete and steel structure. A new lift will be installed and the timber replaced in the grandstand and concourse decking.

Maintaining outdoor pools, particularly in difficult to access marine environments like this one, can be challenging and often take longer than other outdoor pools that don't extend over the harbour.

On top of this important maintenance work, we’ll also futureproof this vital piece of community infrastructure by replacing the gas heating system with electric heat pumps.

We’re committed to tackling climate change and we aim to reach our net zero goal by 2035. All our operations are powered by 100% renewable electricity and transitioning away from polluting fossil fuels will be crucial to reducing emissions in our operations.