New traffic measures improve pedestrian safety in Waterloo

The intersection at Lachlan Street and Gadigal Avenue is an important connection between Green Square and the city centre.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

We strongly support and have long advocated for installing traffic signals at the intersection of Lachlan Street and Gadigal Avenue to make it safer for people walking and cycling.

This intersection is an important connection between the new Green Square town centre and the city centre. It will allow safe access for people walking from the Danks Street precinct, formerly the ACI Waterloo area, to East Village shops.

While Transport for NSW is responsible for the traffic signals at this intersection, we're prioritising this project for safety reasons and will install the traffic signals.

To install these traffic signals Transport for NSW requires us to install 2 no right turns to ensure free flow of traffic on Lachlan Street.

The first no right turn is from Lachlan Street into Gadigal Avenue. These alternative local traffic arrangements apply:

  • Vehicles heading west can instead turn right from Dacey Avenue into South Dowling Street and access the area through Danks Street
  • Vehicles heading south along South Dowling Street can instead turn right into Lachlan Street and continue to Bourke Street, turning right and accessing the area through Potter Street.

The second no right turn is from Lachlan Street into Amelia Street. This means local traffic will use Bourke Street to access the area through Archibald Avenue or O’Dea Avenue. For safety reasons 6 parking spaces on Gadigal Avenue will be removed as they’re close to the intersection with new traffic signals.

At the same time as the intersection works, we’ll extend a small section of the Gadigal Avenue cycleway to the north.

We expect work to be complete in early 2021. Night work will be required to install the traffic lights.

We need to remove 14 trees as part of this work and will plant 20 new trees. Please check out our project to increase tree canopy in the Danks Street east precinct for more information on what we’re doing to create a greener area and reduce the urban heat island effect.

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Capital works during Covid-19

We’re responding to the Covid-19 global pandemic with a range of measures to support our communities and our local economy. This includes fast-tracking capital works projects including upgrading parks, paving and landscaping.

All our sites have Covid-19 management plans in place and are following public health guidelines for physical distancing, extra hygiene and safety measures.

We know our residents, workers and visitors are focused on physical distancing and health and wellbeing, and many are experiencing economic stress. It’s also important we continue to back projects that will create jobs and benefit our local area.