Apply to operate a home-based food business

Seek approval to prepare meals for sale from a domestic kitchen in the local area.

Project Status: When you need to do this

What you need to do

If you haven’t obtained development consent to operate the food business

Contact us and make an appointment to speak to a planner about your proposed home-based food business. Once you have development consent, you can lodge your form.

New premises registration and change of existing registration formPDF · 68.11 KB · Last modified

Before you start

Ensure your at-home food business complies with relevant parts of the food standards code, including:

  • standard 3.2.2 food safety practices and general requirements
  • standard 3.2.3 food premises and equipment
  • part 1.2 labelling and other information requirements.

If your at-home business only sells to other businesses such as cafes, restaurants and supermarkets, contact the NSW Food Authority for approval.