Supporting entrepreneurs

We work with industry and government partners to create an environment that allows new businesses to open, innovate and thrive.

Related to Tech startups
Eight people pose for a photo in an indoor setting, likely at an event or gathering. Banners and logos related to technology in the background. One banner reads 'Tech gen trad' and another includes the logo of 'NSW.'

New businesses are often innovative and generate new ideas, products, services and ways of doing things, which creates employment opportunities and economic success.

Supporting entrepreneurs in technology startup businesses is a main area of focus for us.

By working with industry and government partners we’re creating an environment that enables technology entrepreneurs to start and grow successful global businesses.

  • Through our grants and sponsorship program, we support initiatives that:
  • grow skills and encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • support the showcase of local expertise
  • connects businesses to opportunities
  • encourage dialogue and advocacy on local and global issues
  • promote local precincts.

Our other initiatives include networking events designed to bring people together to learn from each other and business programs that build skills and expertise in early-stage startups, not-for-profits, social enterprises or for-profit businesses, such as the annual visiting entrepreneur program.

The opening of the Greenhouse Tech Hub in late 2023 is a great milestone and outcome for the climate tech community. This 3,800m² co-working and community event space brings climate tech innovators together with investors, corporate partners, academic experts, government agencies, associations, and community to drive impactful climate action and create a net zero future.

A new economic development strategy for our local area will set out a plan for how we will support long-term economic growth and prosperity for our community. The strategy will be endorsed by Council in 2024.

Upcoming startup-related events