Tech startups

Working with industry and government partners to support entrepreneurs start and grow successful global businesses.


Why we’re doing this

Encouraging tech startups will create more jobs, boost Sydney’s economy and strengthen global connections. It will also make our city a more desirable place to live, work and visit.

Our tech startups action plan details how we will work with industry and government partners to create an environment that enables technology entrepreneurs to start and grow successful global businesses.

Sydney’s tech startup ecosystem is in its early stages of development and its needs are very different from those of small businesses. Entrepreneurs and tech startup companies need a local environment that provides support networks, business and entrepreneurship education, infrastructure and financing opportunities.

Action areas

Our action plan focuses on creating an ecosystem that enables knowledge-based, innovation-driven businesses to flourish. To support the tech startup ecosystem in Sydney, we will focus our activities on 5 main areas:

  1. Build a strong entrepreneurial culture and community
  2. Create skilled and connected entrepreneurs
  3. Increase the startup ecosystem density
  4. Support entrepreneurs’ access to funding
  5. Develop technology entrepreneurs’ access to markets

How we can achieve this

We have a number of existing programs which encourage tech startups. Through our strategic planning, there are a number more initiatives proposed for the near future.

Other proposed programs