Night-time economy

We’re working to promote and develop a vibrant, diverse and inclusive 24-hour economy for our city.


Starting a night-time business

Operating a business at night involves unique considerations such as liquor licensing, understanding land use zoning, permitted building uses and connecting with the local community. We can provide advice to existing businesses experiencing difficulties or those seeking to extend their trading hours or diversify their offer. We also encourage operators considering starting a night-time business to get in touch with the business concierge or night-time city team.

Business concierge service

Open from 9.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

phone number
02 9265 9333
email address
[email protected]

Why we’re doing this

Our 24-hour economy focus emerged when we consulted with local communities about making Sydney a sustainable global city by 2030.

Sydney has the largest 24-hour economy and the biggest number of visitors in Australia – as well as the country’s densest residential and commercial districts.

Successful global cities have a strong cultural life and support a vibrant, diverse and inclusive 24-hour economy.

What we know

  • More diverse options lead to more connected and resilient communities, help create more inclusive nightlife, improve safety and reduce crime.
  • People have told us they want better public transport and a city with diverse and exciting night-time economy including events and activities for people of all ages and interests – they don't want a city that’s unsafe or shuts down as soon as the sun goes down.
  • Sydney’s night-time economy is critical to our city’s future – it generates more than $4.7 billion in revenue every year, with more than 5,900 businesses employing more than 34,000 people.

Our goal is to provide clear direction for Sydney’s 24-hour economy, balancing all the factors. The interests of everyone – local business owners, our increasing resident population and visitors – are being considered. Public safety is paramount.

Our strategy and action plan

The OPEN Sydney strategy and action plan 2013–2030 is our vision for the long-term development of Sydney at night.

The strategy addresses the interests of everyone – our increasing resident population, local business owners and visitors.

What we’re doing

Grants and sponsorships