Apply for outdoor dining approval

Get permission to use the footpath outside your premises to serve food and drink to patrons.

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What you need to do

Application for outdoor dining on public landPDF · 127 KB · Last modified
Outdoor dining guidelinesPDF · 3.72 MB · Last modified

Before you start

Read the outdoor dining guidelines. These provide information on the approval process, where outdoor dining may occur, what furniture may be used and definitions of terminology.

Application requirements

Your application needs to be presented in digital format, which must include:

  • photos of the proposed area
  • a site plan
  • a plan of management (if alcohol will be served).

Document your outdoor dining area

The site plan should be on A4-sized paper at an appropriate scale (1:100, 1:150 or 1:200 and so on). It should show the:

  • name and address of your premises and the neighbouring businesses
  • name and position of the nearest cross streets
  • position of the side boundaries of your premises
  • width of the building frontage of your premises
  • location of building edges
  • location of the kerb
  • location of entrances, doors and public infrastructure
  • position and dimensions of the seating area
  • width of the footpath to the building edge
  • clearances between the seating area and the kerb
  • location of equipment such as umbrellas, heaters, and the like
  • total area for outdoor dining in square metres.

Download a sample outdoor dining plan (PDF 54.3KB).

If alcohol is served, create a plan of management

A plan of management is required with your development application if you intend to serve alcohol. The plan should detail how the dining area will be managed to ensure there is no adverse impact on the amenity of the neighbourhood covering:

  • operating hours
  • capacity
  • security measures
  • crowd control
  • noise control
  • location of the kerb
  • waste management.

Premises licenced to served alcohol will be subject to a trial period if your application is approved. An approval depends on the primary use of nearby premises such as restaurants, cafes, hotels or bars. The type of land where the outdoor dining is proposed is also considered in the approval process, including community land such as parks and public spaces owned and operated by us.

After you finish

Outdoor dining fees

Application fees depend upon the size of the outdoor dining area, where it is located and if the premise is licenced to serve alcohol.

Fees are listed in our schedule of fees and charges or contact customer service for advice.

Footway usage applications

  • Rental zone fee (per m²/annum)
  • Administration fee
  • Security deposit
  • Notification fee (if required)

Before approval for outdoor dining is given, you’re required to pay outstanding debt for previous outdoor dining arrangements. If you don’t pay before lodging your application, consent won’t be given.

Development application (for licenced premises)

  • Assessment fee
  • Notification fee (if required)

Outdoor seating zones

To find the zone where your business operates, download the map of outdoor seating zones.

Outdoor seating zonesPDF · 2.34 MB · Last modified

Changes and renewals

If you sell your business

If you sell your business your outdoor dining approval is not transferable to the new owner – a new application will need to be lodged with us.

The new application will not need to be notified for public exhibition as long as there are no changes to the hours of operation and the size of the outdoor dining area.

If you would like to terminate your outdoor dining approval

To end your outdoor dining approval, you must write to us providing a 1 month notice period from the end of the billing cycle, which runs from the 1st to the last day of a calendar month, for example, from 1 October to 31 October.

For your security deposit to be refunded, provide a forwarding address and telephone number, or if you would prefer direct credit, provide your bank account details with your termination notice. The bank account name must be the same as the name on the security deposit receipt.

Your termination must include:

  • name of your business
  • applicant’s name
  • reason for termination
  • preferred date to end the use approval.

If you’re renewing

Please ensure you’re up to date with your payments.

We can’t give consent if there is debt outstanding for previous outdoor dining arrangements.