Apply for a mobile food vending business approval

Seek approval for your food van or truck to operate in our area.

At least $400 – The application fee is not refundable.

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Food van applications

Defined as those restricted to serving food that’s not potentially hazardous or involves low-risk practices such as frothing milk for coffee or selling ice-cream.

Food van applicationPDF · 95.52 KB · Last modified

Food truck applications

Defined as those selling potentially hazardous food such as food that’s cooked to order or is required to be maintained at temperature.

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Before you start

Food truck information sessions

Before applying for approval, we recommend you attend one of our food truck information sessions to discuss your proposed business. The information session will include:

  • what constitutes a food truck versus a food van or other temporary food stall
  • the essential features of your internal truck build
  • your proposed plan of management
  • approval types and fees
  • what areas you can trade in
  • trading at events or on private land.

Local approvals policy

The local approvals policy sets out the relevant laws for safe food handling and preparation practices, and conditions for on-street trading including hours of operation, permitted streets and proximity to other businesses.

New laws for food businesses

From 8 December 2023, businesses handling unpackaged, potentially hazardous foods must:

  • employ a qualified onsite food safety supervisor
  • train all food handlers in safety and hygiene
  • demonstrate food safety.

Businesses that slice, weigh, repack, reheat, or hot-hold food they didn't make must also have a qualified onsite food safety supervisor and trained food handlers.

The standards apply to retail, hospitality, school canteens, childcare centres, delis and more. The NSW Authority offers resources and free online training to support the regulations. Use a quick quiz to find out which Food Safety Management Tools apply to your business.

Restricted areas and exclusion zones

There are a few areas in the local area where food trucks and vans are not permitted to operate. Check the restricted areas and exclusion zones map for details.

Hours of operation

Food trucks and vans may operate in the city centre from 8am to 3pm, Monday to Sunday. In other areas, they may operate from 9am to 12 midnight. Check the hours of operation map for specific boundaries.

Mobile food truck vendors – restricted areas and exclusion zonesPDF · 1.44 MB · Last modified
Mobile food vending vehicles – hours of operation mapPDF · 1019.88 KB · Last modified

Other information

OPEN Sydney

The food trucks program emerged from our OPEN Sydney consultation in mid-2011 where many people said they wanted more late-night quality food options in the city.

Since then, a number of trials have been conducted. You can download reports of these trials below.

2016 food truck studyPDF · 837.69 KB · Last modified
Sydney food trucks trial report April 2014PDF · 3.14 MB · Last modified
Sydney food truck trial evaluation report November 2013PDF · 1.12 MB · Last modified
Sydney food trucks field trial report March 2013PDF · 911.61 KB · Last modified