Outdoor dining guidelines

What you need to know about setting up and using public spaces for outdoor dining.

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These guidelines must be read with our outdoor dining policy.


  • This document outlines what’s required to conduct outdoor dining on footways or other public spaces.
  • It supports our outdoor dining policy and helps us assess outdoor dining applications.

What the guidelines contain

  1. Introduction provides a general overview and key terms.
  2. Outdoor dining approvals outlines the documents and compliance requirements you need for an outdoor dining application.
  3. Footway access sets out the requirements for establishing a clear path of travel for people walking.
  4. Outdoor dining areas sets out the rules for determining the locations and dimensions of outdoor dining areas.
  5. Outdoor dining furniture outlines the design requirements for furniture, signs and other structures for outdoor dining.
  6. Neighbourhood amenity sets out the requirements to reduce the impacts of outdoor dining, for example hours of operation and lighting provisions.
  7. Responsibilities for the operator details issues such as insurance and maintenance.
  8. Special areas for outdoor dining gives more detailed guidance for the use of footways and public space in Martin Place, George Street and Llankelly Place.
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