OPEN Sydney: Strategy and action plan 2013–2030

Future directions for the city at night.


OPEN Sydney is our strategy and action plan for the long-term development of the city’s night-time economy to 2030.

The strategy was developed after extensive consultation with local communities. This included residents, focus groups, representatives from the retail, liquor and entertainment sectors as well as key government leaders.

By 2030, we hope the night-time economy will be transformed from a focus on younger people and drinking to 40% of people being over 40. We also hope that 40% of operating businesses at night will be shops.

We’re encouraging a larger variety of retailers and attractions to stay open late and broaden people's choices of things to do at night.

It's hoped the city's night-time turnover will double to $30 billion and increase night-time employment by 25% to 100,000 jobs.

OPEN Sydney Strategy and Action Plan February 2013PDF · 1.43 MB · Last modified

Research reports – strategy development

The following documents helped inform OPEN Sydney.

Discussion paper: OPEN Sydney - Future directions for Sydney at nightPDF · 1.55 MB · Last modified
Night-time city policy consultation reportPDF · 311.49 KB · Last modified
Cost benefit analysisPDF · 932.72 KB · Last modified
Night-time economy: International evidencePDF · 2.22 MB · Last modified

Sydney has the largest night-time economy in Australia and this plays an important role in our positioning as a global city and the gateway to the rest of country for international visitors.

The Australian night-time economic report examines the size, nature and changes to Sydney's night-time economy each year since 2009, together with Australian capital cities and local government areas. It monitors changes across the key sectors of food, drink and entertainment in establishments, jobs and sales turnover.